Strathclyde 23 Battlehill

Strathclyde 23 Battlehill 1

Thanks to /u/PeatReek for including this mystery sample as part of our recent swap.

So I’m doing things a little bit different for this mystery review.

Normally I post a guess, and then find out if I’m right or wrong. In this case I reviewed it, and then found out I was wrong from /u/PeatReek after the fact.

Fun times, eh?

So mystery drams and Single Grain whisky. I always get them both wrong. Single Grain is odd as heck, I have trouble spelling, or getting a name write, or with my grammatical skills… it’s a crap shoot.

So let’s see how this one tastes (and later what it is), shall we?

Price: N/A

Abv: 46%

Region: Lowland

Colour: 5Y 8/6

Nose: Mango, mulch, lemon, cocoa, dandelion, banana chips, graham cracker

And let the oddness begin! It’s like smelling the mulch from a high end restaurant, all mixed…

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