Collingwood 21 Rye

Collingwood 21 Rye 1

Thanks to /u/Devoz for this dram in a swap.

So I had swapped for Collingwood 21 Rye, mostly because I didn’t like buying a full bottle of a limited edition, old Canadian Rye (actual rye) that was low alcohol content. I have finite money, and I opted not to.

That said I was still curious as to if I made the right decision. I mean, yeah, it’s $70 (at the time). That’s pricey.

However it’s also a fun story behind it: It’s a lost barrel that was left around, only know as lot 41-06-91. Probably made back when the distillery was called Canadian Mist. And they finish it with a full maple toasted barrel, which is pretty unique. So maybe I should have bought it?

Oh well. At the end of the day, I bought something else, and I’m reviewing this one here because of a swap. I…

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