Talisker 18

Talisker 18 1

This is the first in a three part series I’m calling “Talisker: Barely Know her!”

Yes, that should alienate some of my fans nicely.

So, up first we have Talisker 18. Winner of the 2007 World Whisky award for Best Whisky in the World, I’ve always wondered about this Diageo sponsored whisky. It’s suppose to be “well received just about everyone”. Well that’s a tall order to fill.

None the less, I haven’t tried it myself. And I always say that I need to try something, not just assume that it’s been well bribed into books and awards. And everyone should do that.

I mean, what am I complaining about? I typically (always? sometimes? I don’t know) say that peat gets better with time. The peat bombs (Talisker amongst them) mellow out, giving us a BBQ chocolate happy taste.

So what’s wrong with Talisker 18? Nothing at the…

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