Talisker 25 (2011 Release)

Talisker 25 (2011 Release) 1

Continuing on my ongoing series I call “Talisker: Hardly Know Her!”, we have Talisker 25 (2011 Release) up next.

And you may be asking yourself: Where is that large automobile? And that’s a good question for talking heads to discuss, not so much me.

More so you may be asking why I put the release up in the title, as I typically don’t. And I’ll tell you why: Because originally I was aiming to buy the 2009 release.

I find out what drams from a variety of sources (4). One of these many (4) sources is the book “1001 Whiskies to taste before you die”. With such a joyfully happy name, how could I not?

One of the Taliskers they recommend is Talisker 25 (2009 Release). And I thought I had bought it. I didn’t, but said “Oh well.” It’s the same stuff, right?


The reason they recommend the…

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