Old Fettercairn 10 [Feather’s Flight Review Set #10]

Old Fettercairn 10 1

There’s times in your life where you need to go do something to take some pressure off.

Hypothetically, let’s say you’ve recently started a new job,are finishing a very detail oriented class, having a major milestone birthday for a parental unit that you’re close to, tying to find a gift for a friend and a relative, and have two desserts to bake, some jam to make up, and you still work (and can’t take a day off).

Hypothetically, of course. What do you do? Why you find the solution to your problems at a bar, of course!

No, you go do something that is fun to relax yourself. Then you get back to studying.

My relaxing endeavor was an impromptu visit to The Feather’s Pub and do some reviews. Not get drunk, just have a nice bit of food (Mac and Cheese) and do some reviews (prior to the…

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