Drambuie & Drambuie 15

Flavoured whisky… it’s a bitch, isn’t it? A new idea, brought forward by a bunch of people who don’t spend half the time of even the beginner of beginner’s of whisky. It’s Cinnamon or Cherry or Honey bullshit, that’s what it is.

Except.. wait, what about Drambuie?

So yes, that’s a strawman.Completely. Most people here probably don’t mind or even enjoy a flavoured whisky every so often.

It’s annoying, but it’s been here for awhile. And it’ll keep being around.

Since 1746, if the legends are to be believed of Prince Charles Edward Stuart fleeing to the Isle of Skye and giving it to Captain John MacKinnon of Clan MacKinnon the prized recipe.

Granted that’s bullshit, but just according to Historians, and what do they know?

So it was made commercially in Edinburgh in 1910, after many years of being upgraded by the Clan and later James Ross, a…

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