Benromach Sassicaia Finish

Thanks to /u/Boyd86 for this dram. It’s no secret that I love odd finishes. The weirder, the better. Try something different. Do something different. Try something odd. We all drink other alcohols (well, probably not, but I’m going to guess most of us do). We all have had something and said “Why did I drink the sweat from a Burmese bongo player?” Oh… No, probably… Continue reading Benromach Sassicaia Finish

Four Roses Single Barrel (Dual Barrels)

Thanks to /u/devoz for these samples. I decided recently I’d try a little experiment. I have two different samples of Four Roses Single Barrel from 2015. I tried them blind, chosen by my wife, while making a very early Thanksgiving dinner before I collapsed after cooking for 8 hours. To say the least, I was trying them blind, but I was also knackered. Some people… Continue reading Four Roses Single Barrel (Dual Barrels)

Auchentoshan 14 Cadenheads Small Batch

Thanks to /u/PeatReeks for this sample. Apologies to for stealing your image. I like Lowlands. There aren’t many Lowlands. I’ve had a lot from Auchentoshan. Yup, that sums up a lot of my reviews for Lowland whiskies. Let’s try something different. Maybe talk about being behind on reviews? No, wait I’ve played that card too many times. Pop Culture references? Been awhile since I’ve… Continue reading Auchentoshan 14 Cadenheads Small Batch

Longrow Red 11 Cabernet-Sauvignon

Thanks to /u/PeatReek for this sample. Longrow Red 11 Cabernet-Sauvignon sounds like an odd mash up. Something that Girl Talk or White Panda thought up. I mean, Longrow is the heavily peated Scotch from Springbank, sided by Springbank (dur) and Hazelburn. And since I’ve reviewed one of the Reds before, I should try another (more on that later). Mix that with finishing it for a… Continue reading Longrow Red 11 Cabernet-Sauvignon