Knob Creek Line-up (Straight Bourbon, Rye, Single Barrel, Smoked Maple)

Thanks to /u/Devoz, /u/Boyd86, and /u/LecheConCarnie for the samples on this one.

Companies are weird at times. You’ll see them buy out or build these brands that seemingly overlap, or should overlap. However having worked with some of these companies, there is method to the seeming madness.

Jim Beam is one such company (I haven’t worked with them). There’s the Jim Beam line-up, which is massive, and then there’s Bookers, Bakers, Basil Haydens, and Knob Creek.

And if you’ve followed along, you know that the bolding means I’m talking about Knob Creek today.

According to the website (which totally isn’t biased), Knob Creek was created by Booker Noe as a way to bring back the quality levels of pre-prohibition bourbon. And that’s quite the challenge; prohibition did a number on multiple distilleries, not to mention it’s easier to just bring out yet another low-end bourbon and sell…

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