Nikka Malts (All Malt, Pure Malt White, Pure Malt Red, Pure Malt Black)

So don’t call it a vertical… what do I call it?

I mean, these are all the Malts. Some of them are inside others, and others are mixed all up. And they are blends. It is a horizontal? Probably not. That sounds too sexy for me.

Are these the silly goats of the Nikka brand? No, what about the crayons of Nikka? Well, what colour is “All”?

Maybe we’ll get something from the website.

“Black” is a pure malt whisky made primarily with the Yoichi malt, and it has a solid, bold taste. “Red,” on the other hand, is made primarily with malt of the Miyagikyo distillery and has a soft, delicate flavor. “White” is a pure malt whisky made mainly with Islay, Scotland type malt and has a heavy, peaty essence.

No mention of All Malt? Where is All?

Oh, it’ s in another section… guess I shouldn’t have…

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