Bastille 1789

Bastille 1789 1

So yes… this has some question marks on it, and was supposed to be a mystery sample from /u/Devoz.

However he told me what it was when he thought I had already reviewed it for a whisky tasting I ran. When I told him I hadn’t, he told me it was Bastille 1789, a French blended whisky that will brag about clarity of water through limestone and high quality grain and barley from the North of France, as well as being finished in Limousin casks.

I’m not going to lie: I’ve had this before. I was unimpressed. Now /u/Devoz may be playing me for the fool; he may have given me a red herring by saying it is Bastille 1789 and then it isn’t.

Or I may just be paranoid, as usual. Being paranoid has gotten me this far; it may save me so far.

So while tasting…

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