Longrow Red 11 Cabernet-Sauvignon

Longrow Red 11 Cabernet-Sauvignon 1

Thanks to /u/PeatReek for this sample.

Longrow Red 11 Cabernet-Sauvignon sounds like an odd mash up. Something that Girl Talk or White Panda thought up.

I mean, Longrow is the heavily peated Scotch from Springbank, sided by Springbank (dur) and Hazelburn. And since I’ve reviewed one of the Reds before, I should try another (more on that later).

Mix that with finishing it for a nice 4 years in Cabernet-Sauvignon wine casks. It makes sense though. A full-bodied, very tannic wine with a ton of peat. I guess. Maybe.


What I’m saying is a strong wine finish with strong peat makes sense, as they can compete with one another. Which, by the way, is usually what you want to look for in a bum fight over a piece of cheese.

Don’t want stinky Phil being taken out in the first round by roid-rage Ronnie.

Where was I… Okay, so…

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