Four Roses Single Barrel (Dual Barrels)

Thanks to /u/devoz for these samples.

I decided recently I’d try a little experiment. I have two different samples of Four Roses Single Barrel from 2015. I tried them blind, chosen by my wife, while making a very early Thanksgiving dinner before I collapsed after cooking for 8 hours.

To say the least, I was trying them blind, but I was also knackered. Some people may have been smoking cigars around me, however I took my time on them.

Both of these use Four Roses OBSV, the high rye mash bill mixed with the light fruitiness, light vanilla, caramel, and creamy yeast.

I’ve always said that terroir is horseshit but isn’t. I think that small changes can do something depending on what they are. What the wheat farmer had for breakfast? Fuck that. Different location of the barrel? Sure, I can get that.

So, let’s see how the warehouse and…

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