Benromach Sassicaia Finish

Benromach Sassicaia Finish 1

Thanks to /u/Boyd86 for this dram.

It’s no secret that I love odd finishes. The weirder, the better. Try something different. Do something different. Try something odd.

We all drink other alcohols (well, probably not, but I’m going to guess most of us do). We all have had something and said “Why did I drink the sweat from a Burmese bongo player?”

Oh… No, probably not. But we have drank something and said “Wow, that’d make a great finish on a whisky”. At least I have. And let’s forget about the bongo player babe, he’s in the past.

Benromach Sassicaia Finish is one of those whiskies. Aged for 9 years in total, 7.5 years was in ex-bourbon, and it was finished for a substantial 18 months in Sassicaia casks.

What’s Sassicaia? I asked that too. I really have no idea how to even pronounce it. It’s a top ranked red…

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