Nikka Taketsuru Malts (Pure Malt, 12, 17, 21)

The Nikka Taketsuru range is named after the creator of Nikka distillery. That’s a lot to live up to. Masataka Taketsuru is well loved at Nikka, so you just don’t The reason being, this is a blended malt, made up of Pure Malt. It’s distilled exclusively from barely malt. And Malt whisky, to the Nikka Whisky company, is considered to be the forefather of all… Continue reading Nikka Taketsuru Malts (Pure Malt, 12, 17, 21)

Balvenie Triple Cask 12

Thanks to /u/Boyd86 for this sample. More finishes make better whiskies right? And more organs mean more healthy? Not to mention more chefs makes the broth fucking great, right? I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: If I ever uppercut a dolphin, I’ll both feel successful, silly, and deeply hurt, all at the same time. Also I’ve said that more casks means more… Continue reading Balvenie Triple Cask 12

White Oak Akashi Single Malt

Another Fine Day for a Fine Drams review. Buy now! Another sucking up to the Fine Drams guys? Okay, I’ll get on with it. So I recently did a lot of Japanese reviews. A bombing of reviews… if I was insensitive. Maybe a gaggle? No, that’s not Japanese… A harajuku of reviews? Perhaps a octopus of reviews? Many tentacles? Have I alienated everyone yet? Okay.… Continue reading White Oak Akashi Single Malt

Bunnahabhain Toiteach

Thanks to /u/TequilaJunction for this one. So… deja vu? Haven’t I already reviewed this? I made some crass jokes, something about different places making different things. I think I mentioned my dick. I didn’t? That’s odd. Oh, and stuff about Gaelic being the second hardest part of the name to say. Yeah, that sounds familiar. Did I not post that yesterday? Oh, they did it twice?… Continue reading Bunnahabhain Toiteach

Bunnahabhain Ceobanach

Thanks to /u/Phreaky-Zee[1] for this sample. Lightly peated Islay whisky? What’s that, like non-chocolate Cadbury candy? Or living in a small town and no doing drugs and alcohol all the time? Or watching hentai without tentacles? Guess I can’t really make that joke as much now, as I’ve reviewed a bunch of Bunnas by now. Enough that I feel fine calling it that, as that… Continue reading Bunnahabhain Ceobanach

Mosswood Barrel Aged American Whiskey – California Sour Ale Barrel

Thanks to /u/Kilrathi for this sample! I don’t like beer… much. Okay, don’t stone me. Before I was married (5 years ago), we needed to pick a beer. And being the proper young man that I was, I wanted to support smaller, independent breweries. So I ran 3 beer tastings. One for my Best Man and I, one for some friends (which ended in me falling… Continue reading Mosswood Barrel Aged American Whiskey – California Sour Ale Barrel