Bladnoch 10 Flora & Fauna [Feather’s Flight Review Set #11]

Bladnoch 10 Flora & Fauna 1

In a completely expected turn, I went to Feather’s Pub. It was my buddy’s birthday present time of year, so I jumped on that bandwagon quicker than a politician.

What, you expected me to expound on that? Have you ever seen politics?

Anyway, My wife bought our friend a flight filled with whiskies I’ve already had, so I was on my own. Through the darkness. Kicking ass and taking names.

Not really. I just had to pay for myself. And drink and review. And maybe fight, if Dropkick Murphy’s are to be believed.

Up first, as usual, was a Lowland whisky, and this one was Bladnoch 10 Flora & Fauna. Bladnoch is one of the few Lowland distilleries I’ve never had.

Bladnoch created their first malt since 2000 in 2009, with a different one. This one is part of the Flora & Fauna collection, a group of malts…

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