Teaninich 10 Flora & Fauna [Feather’s Flight Review Set #11]

Teaninich 10 Flora & Fauna 1

So in case you missed it, I went to Feather’s Pub for a friend’s birthday present. He ended up with a different set of whiskies. Whiskies I, unfortunately/fortunately have reviewed before.

So I bought my own. Like the SOB that I am.

Except I didn’t choose this one. I let my wife pick this one. Why? Because I keep hearing that blind reviews are the way to go, so she usually picks one for me. And this time she picked a Highland.

“A Highland you’ve never had before, yet goes with your theme”

Well, shit. I got it on the 6th guess, which is kinda like landing a putt on the 6th try: Not something you should brag about.

Teaninich 10 Flora & Fauna is from the Flora & Fauna series. A group of whiskies brought out by Diageo (before they were Diageo) that was meant to get people interested…

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