Benromach Traditional [Feather’s Flight Review Set #11]

Benromach Traditional 1

Yadda yadda yadda Feather’s Pub blah couple times a year mug mug mug my own flights gorp gorp gorp review series.

Caught up? Great.

I wanted to review Benromach Origins. I have been told, by various books given to me with many 0s and 1s in them, that I should review all three of them.

However due to a mislabeling, there was only Benromach Traditional. Made up of ex-Bourbon casks (4/5s) and sherry casks (1/5s), this NAS has since been replaced by the Benromach 10. Which is against the current trend of replacing age statements with NAS.

I like that.

None the less, it’s still on a list. And I’m much obliged to drink the rest of this NAS so that there’s an age statement for the rest of you.

I’m kinda like a hero that way. Saving you from the rough stuff. I truly deserve a medal.


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