Talisker Storm

Talisker Storm 1

Finally getting to some Fine Drams supplies. Support your not so local supplier kids.

Storms are a big deal. I don’t care if you’re 1 or 21… well, maybe I do, because if you’re 1, and you’re reading this, then that’s both an odd choice because you can’t drink yet and also you’re reading…

Anyway, moving on…

Storms are huge, no matter who you are. I remember being a kid and watching a small sapling pine tree be struck by lightning, right in front of me. I remember pieces of a Hurricane flying through Montreal suburbs, dumping rain for 1 minute and then leaving sunshine in it’s wake.

A tropical storm once engulfed our rental home in Florida, leaving us to explore it. An Ice Storm shook the world to it’s knees and froze it in place for 2 weeks, leading us to friend’s homes to make merry in what…

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