Crown Royal Hand Selected Barrel/ Michel Couvreur Intravagan’za Single Malt Whiskey / Sortilege Prestige

The following three reviews seem a little odd to have paired together. They were done as a yearly mystery swap that is done over at Reddit.

I received these from /u/devoz . He stated “It was tough finding things you’ve never reviewed, but I found them!”

Dear Fucking God I hope he didn’t just piss in some sample bottles.

So he sent me three. And I’m hear to blunder about guessing what’s what.

Let’s see how I do.

Scotch Swap Mystery #1

Mystery 1

Well.. the sample bottle doesn’t smell like Urine… That’s a good thing.

Son of a Gun didn’t even tell me region or Abv… this is going to be a lot of failing.

Price: N/A in Canada

Abv: 51.5%

Region: Canada

Colour: 2.5Y 6/8

Nose: Wood, lemon, cherry, brand muffin, brown sugar, oats.

My initial thought is this is bourbon. Or at least was in virgin oak.


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