Glenmorangie Cluster Fuck Reviews [Companta, 18, Signet, Quinta Ruban, Lasanta, Astar]

Thanks to /u/devoz, /u/lasidar, /u/scotch_fanatic, and /u/allumina for samples. And me for buying others.

Me is pretty great. Can’t name things though.

So based on some of my last multi-reviews, I can’t call this a vertical. It’s vertical-ish, but not really a vertical. Also isn’t a horizontal either.

Diagnonal sounds dumb. No, this is a Cluster Fuck (patent pending) of reviews.

What’s a Cluster Fuck? Well that’s when a disorganized group of people have sexual relations with one another in a chaotic fashion. So without proper organization or a project manager.

So remember: Always bring a Project Manager to your orgies.

Glad we all learned something. And that’s about all for today.


I was doing something, wasn’t I?

Oh, yeah, Scotch reviews. Sometimes I get ahead of myself (see Cluster Fuck above).

Glenmorangie brings out a lot of different whiskies, finished, no finished, in odd…

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