Tomintoul ‘Vertical’

01 - All of them save for one

So it’s maybe a vertical? I mean, it goes up, but there’s a NAS in here. Better call /u/Loweel[1] in to discuss if it is or not.

For now, it’s in quotes. It’s vertical-ish. Even though I’m also missing the 25 year too.

A few years ago, when I started doing reviews of whisky (somewhere around the 100 review mark), a friend of mine asked me if I’d ever had anything from Tomintoul. And I had not.

At that time I may have acted embarrassed. Now I understand that it’s normal, however from my embarrassment I decided I’d try the ever loving shit out of Tomintoul.

So first I bought a sample pack. Then I traded for the 21. Then I did some other reviews, tried to find the port cask, couldn’t, and said fuck it.

Tomintoul Distillery is located on the Glenlivet estate, which is a National Park…

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