Caol Ila 10 Dun Bheagan

I wish I didn’t have my allergies and food issues.

After a great lunch, my friends order an espresso. They enjoy that kick up of caffeine, and rocket into that earthy, tasty, bitter treat. Due to my anxiety I have to avoid almost all caffeine, so I pass.

Then dessert is offered, and they have these custardy, wonderful Creme brulee, something with nuts, and a chocolate tart. Two I can’t have because allergies.

My body, ladies and gentleman, is a template that rivals no other.

That was sarcasm.

Anyway so I pass on dessert, and go for Caol Ila 10 Dun Bheagan, at first because it’s suppose to be cask strength.

Spoiler Alert: That was a typo. No worries, it happens. I mean, there’s two Caol Ila 10 out there, and they can get mixed up.

So this is an IB Caol Ila from Dun Bheagan. Should be fun…

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