Century Reserve Lot 15-25

Lot 15-25 Century Reserve.jpg

Thanks (I think) to /u/muaddib99 for sharing this dram. And thanks (I know) for hosting the most recent Canadian Reddit Whisky-Nerd meetup.

So we, the whisky nerds, herded ourselves downtown to meetup. Each of us brought the drams of shit we didn’t want anymore.

Well… not really. We brought a bunch of stuff. And we decided on some good, and we shared stuff we may not like. To start we started with Canadians, because we’re Canadian (except /u/kinohead, but he’s hiding from the Mounties, so don’t tell anyone).

I kid of course. He’s hiding from Aliens. At least that’s what /u/devoztold me.

Up first in our cavalcade of reviews was Century Reserve Lot 15-25, made by Highwood Distillers.

It’s 100% Corn Whisky. That’s… that something. And is a mixture of casks that they gasp knew the age of to make aahem superior whisky. Wonders never…

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