Wiser’s Hopped

Wisers Hopped.jpg

And now for the asshole whisky I brought to the whisky nerd reddit meetup (Toronto), Wiser’s Hopped

Why? Well because I’ve had a few people, who upon finding out I was into whisky, react in two ways: 1) They ask me to stop staring at their tits, and 2) They tell me it’s garbage.

But they aren’t writing reviews. And if I’m being 100% honest, I took most of them at their word. So I giggled like a tiny, evil child who controls goats while buying this, knowing it would suck.

But I was wrong. Or was right. See, I made an assumption based on the comments of a few people. And not that it’s a horrible plan, but I review whiskies. I should be going out and trying this.

Even though I’ll hate myself.

So I made 5 other guys hate themselves as well… in a new and different…

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