Deanston Virgin Oak

1 - iEMnn73

Thanks again to /u/kinohead for bringing this dram.

Awhile ago I was recommended Deanston Virgin Oak due to similarities it had with Lowland whiskies I love.

And boy do I love Lowland whiskies. But let’s not get off track just yet. This isn’t a Lowland. It’s a Highland. Which means it’ll get to Scotland after me. And something about my love.

Moving on…

So I was recommended this dram. By who? No idea. Someone. They said I should try it. So I am.

That’s right folks, you too could become a faceless person in one of my posts by randomly recommending a dram I’ll try, if for no other reason than I think I should.

So, what’s special about this dram? Well, it’s NAS, so it’s fitting into all the other whiskies that are coming out. So that’s not special.

It’s made from Certified Organic products. Nice. Not something…

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