Woodford Reserve VIP (Batch #5)

WRVIP5 1.jpg

Thanks to /u/I_SAID_NO_GOLDFISH for this dram.

Something odd has happened recently, and I feel like sharing this truly first world problem.

People want to hear my thoughts on drams. Which is odd for me. I was a geeky kid who played a ton of Magic: The Gathering, answered too many questions for the teacher, and was the leader of the drama club.

Someone once said of me “TOModera cleans up well, however… I don’t think I’d go after him. Because he’s TOModera.”

Which if you think doesn’t hurt ones ego, then you’re stronger than me.

So when Mr. Negatory Goldfish stated he wanted me to review this whisky first, as part of our trade, I was surprised. It’s Woodford Reserve VIP, specifically Batch #5. I’m not the most prolific bourbon reviewer, nor Woodford Reserve reviewer. However I guess I’ve reviewed quite a bit, so it shouldn’t be…

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