Caribou Crossing Single Barrel


Part two of my first, official Birthday whisky drinking time, and this time it’s an after dinner drink. I considered two other whiskies, of which they were Scotch, on lists, yet… not as enticing as this one.

Why? Because this is a Canadian whisky that’s a giant pain in the ass to find in Canada.

Think about that: We have different types of Canuck whisky, all of which we can typically find, and this one, made by Sazerac, and I can’t find it worth a damn.

That makes me want to try Caribou Crossing Single Barrel. Have I been duped? Well… yes. Yes I have. Because it got me to buy the product. And forget to take a picture of it.

Still want to try it though. It’s the first single barrel Canadian whisky made by a major company, so that’s something. And they pick their ‘best whisky’ from…

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