Brora 20 1975 Rare Malts [Feather’s Flight Review Set #13]

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My birthdays have become something of a fun legend. And by fun legend, I more so mean everyone coming downtown, all the way, just to watch me do whisky reviews.

It’s a tad narcissistic, to say the least. It’s at The Feather’s Pub , so that helps. The foods good. Have the Welsh Rarebit. Maybe just not with whisky. But that’s a later story.

Before said food, I ordered a second dram, one that gets a lot of talk, because the distillery is dead. Brora 20 1975 Rare Malts was released back in 1995… I think. I can’t really tell. It’s quite expensive. It was bottled then, at least. Maybe they kept it in the bottle awhile until the Scotch boom took off.

Should have waited for now: It’s £1,000 a bottle, so I’m lucky to even have it without cleaning out my wife’s bank account.

The reason I…

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