Glen Albyn 26 1975 Rare Malts [Feather’s Flight Review Set #13]

GA 26 1

Me me me Birthday party me me me fun times me me me not so humble brags me me me reviews me me me rare reviews me The Feather’s Pub .

Don’t understand the above? That’s okay. Basically these are birthday drams and I talk about myself a lot and then order rare whiskies and review them. They are bought at the pub I linked above. Go there, the food is good, the beer is well selected, and the whisky is plentiful. Try the Welsh Rarebit.

So, you know, when rich people show up on Reddit, they’ll know which whiskies to buy to put on the mantle and drown out their sorrows when the bi-polar feelings kick in and the adoration high wears off.

But you’re not here for that: You’re here to read about a whisky selected by my wife as a random assessment of my abilities to…

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