Jack Daniel’s Old No. 7 [Feather’s Flight Review Set #13 / Re-Review]

jd 71

This is the last of my The Feather’s Pub birthday dram reviews. Typically these are all on /r/scotch, since it’s a Scotch bar, and I’m more of a Scotch fan.

However something happened while there that I need to share, so let me set the stage:

I go out for my birthday. I attempt about 4-5 reviews during that time, with lots of breaks, water, etc. to ensure my reviews are okay. During this time I had 4 other whiskies that I really liked.

One of my friends offered to buy me a drink. I had eaten some amazingly tasty Welsh Rarebit, which is basically cheese and bread. But strong ass cheese. But not ass cheese, just strong.

And I also had two cask strength Scotches.

So to jump ahead, he handed this to me, and stated it was an Island Scotch. I couldn’t identify it, and there…

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