Dufftown 30 1982 (cask 8232) Director’s Cut (Douglas Laing)

2 - JQPb1Di

So back in March 2015, when we were young and foolish, I decided I wanted to buy a whisky that was distilled the year I was born. Not the month and year: A recently search finds that I missed that boat on my 13th birthday, more than likely.

So I could have picked up a sample of a Port Ellen. Yet I didn’t really have that much money ti drop on 3cl (that’s 1 oz in freedom units for the Americans here). I looked around and instead agreed with myself on Dufftown 30 1982 Director’s Cut, which is the shortened version of the name so that you don’t have to work between each designation in the name.

Then I ended up with another through a fluke. Cause I’m awesome, I guess.

Anyway, turns out I’ve never had a Director’s Cut from Douglas Laing or a Dufftown before, so I…

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