Eagle Rare 17 (2014)

Eagle Rare 17 (2014) 2

Thanks to /u/jolarbear for the same of this one. He won it in a lottery last year, aka the only way to actually get BTAC here in Ontario without robbing someone or paying $30/oz (that’s 3cl to the rest of the world).

The Buffalo Trace Antique Collection (in case you’re wondering what BTAC stands for) is a much sought after group. And if I had to point out a single dram that isn’t the greatest member, I’d say it’s Eagle Rare 17.

Every group, fictional or not, have something like this. The Justice League has the Green Arrow. Think about it: Batman can do about everything he can and also Robin never did smack.

Or the Avengers with Tigra. Sure, she’s an interesting hero, but seriously… her power is “looks like a tiger, is agile, and has claws”. Oh and looks great in a bikini. Otherwise she’s somewhat forgettable.

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