Glengoyne 21

glengoyne 21 1.jpg

Friends of mine have different tastes in whisky. One is the person who gave me the plan to use the Munsell Colour chart. She doesn’t like Speyside whiskies, and we recently determined it was due to the sheer amount of oak in them.

The other is my oldest friend and the man who was my best man. He likes alcohol of all types, and we used to be Vodka drinking buddies. He has a varied pallette.

So when I say that both of them agree that this is one of their favourite drams, it should hold some gravitas.

Thus I had to try it. And since trying Glengoyne 21 meant I had to visit them and had to make a big ass order from two different whisky companies and then two more (I am so forgetful), I guess it all worked out.

So there’s that…


How about the weather?

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