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At the time of this tasting it’s Xmas time. And as is Xmas tradition for me, I raid my Uncle’s cabinet and review something in there.

This year two somethings. But let’s start with the first something, and leave the other something to later.

Up first is Kilbeggan, an Irish whiskey named after St Bécán, a man who started a monastery in Ireland. So that’s special. Glad there didn’t use the saint name, otherwise I’d have to copy and paste that name all over the place.

It’s also a blend of grain and malt whiskies, made in a pot still that has lasted 180 years. I guess. It’s the entry level whiskey from them, so a good place to start.

Also I’ve had a cheese made with it before, and that was tasty, however that may just be me liking the cheese, right? Good milk can do that… however…

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