Gibson’s Finest Rare 12

Gibson 12.jpg

Now for Part 2 of my Xmas tradition, stealing booze from my Uncle and doing a review.

So, time to review Gibson’s Finest Rare 12, known for a recent commercial series where they point out that they could have pulled it at 3 years, but left it in for 12. Which I appreciate.

This one I haven’t had a chance just yet, which is odd because I can always find it and could have reviewed it before. Guess it just never comes up.

So this one is aged 12 years. And recently changed the packaging too. I don’t really have much more on this one. I assume it’s a mashbill of some sort, and aged in ex-bourbon casks, but the website doesn’t really say anything, so… it’s rare and it’s alcohol.

And the commercials are catchy. So it’s fine, rare, and aged for smoothness.

Let’s see how it tastes…

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