Hakushu 18


First review of 2016! Let’s get… completely and utterly calm and review a World Whisky!

Okay, so Japanese Whisky and I haven’t always gotten along. And it’s not for either of us not trying. I try it. And it screams as I drink it.

Wait, no, that’s the start to my new novel, “The Drinks are coming Alive and you’re Ripping them Apart with your Mouth”. Find it in the children’s section of your local torture dungeon.

In all seriousness, I’ve had a mixed bag with Japanese whiskies, and by now, after having a good handful, I think I can say with some confidence that I have no idea what’s coming.

And that brings us to Hakushu 18. From what I know of Hakushu, they make whiskies that I’ve drank before. That… inebriated me slightly. That tasted of things other than water. That was, in fact, brown.

What I’m…

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