anCnoc 16


Actual first Scotch review of 2016! Yay!

Oh? No one cares? It’s an arbitrary date in time that really means very little and I’m happy due to being on vacation? Okay then.

There are some whiskies out there that are consistently offered up as recommendations. On here it would be Laphroaig Quarter Cask, Alberta Premium Dark Horse, Buffalo Trace, Yamazaki 12, and probably others I’m forgetting.

Out in the rest of the world it would seem to be made up of those as well, and anCnoc 16, which has shown up in 3 of my whisky books.

So I searched it out. And the LCBO delivered! With a Pony and Ice Cream and heaps and heaps of Gum Drop Sarcasm Hats!

So I searched some more. Finally I just gave up and bought a sample from MoM, because I had friends coming into town and thought it made sense.

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