Auchentoshan 11 Hepburn’s Choice 2001 [Pub L’Isle Noire Flight Review Set #1]

auchen11 1.jpg

So this will be a bit different. Kinda.

Every so often I enter into a pub that I enjoy so much that I make a flight out of it. There was the Dam Pub, there’s the Village Idiot Pub, and probably others I”m forgetting about. Oh, yeah, there’s the Feather’s ones I do all the time. Those as well, because I love it there.

Well time to add Pub L’Isle Noire to that list, because they do it right. And what is it? Fucking Whisky and Gin, that’s what ‘it’ is!

Also the Charcuterie plate is pretty good and comes with, what I would describe in technical terms as “a fuck ton”, of cheese.

Anyway, while sitting down, enjoying Montreal in the New Year of 2016, I wanted to see “what may have been”, and by that, I mean what I may or may not have missed out on…

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