Benrinnes 23 [Pub L’Isle Noire Flight Review Set #1]

benrinnes 23 1.jpg

Hey Dram Fans, hope you’re having a nice day! I’m currently great because I’m writing up the second of a 4 part series on a pretty sweet pub called Pub L’Isle Noire, which if you’re ever in Montreal, you should check out.

Or don’t. I’m not your mother.

Anyway, I was sitting there, ready to do 4 reviews, one per region, and I realized something: Fuck Highland.

Wait, no. Don’t. Because then you’ll be having sex with an inanimate object. Unless of course your whisky is sentient, at which point you should run away fast from it, or realize that you’re in a mythical book I’m maybe working on.

So I may have lied before. I said that I only had one or two “bucket list” drams, when, in fact, I’ve had a few. And this ended up being one of them. I said “Fuck Highland” and skipped it…

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