Bunnahabhain 25 [Pub L’Isle Noire Flight Review Set #1]

bunna 1.jpg

So I’m still at Pub L’Isle Noire. When I drank this one. Not right now, I’m writing it right now. And not when I post it, because I write these before hand.

And not while you’re reading it, because it’s now the future of when I even wrote the part above.

Make sense? Great.

So I ordered a dream dram and it blew my brain. And I thought: When am I going to be here again? Probably during May 2-4. But when am I going to be back here in Winter? Probably never again because my wife hates winter and it bothers her hibernation.

So yeah, I should go for another all time, expensive malt. And drink it. And review it. Like a mother fucking guy who does that on reddit for awhile now.

Wait… I am that guy! I’ll take a break from the fictitious book I’m not…

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