Kavalan Sextuple Review (King Car Conductor, Single Malt, Solist Ex-Bourbon, Solist Sherry, Solist Fino Sherry, Solist Vinho Barrique)

Taiwan. Land of… that video with that one racist fuck wit. And otherwise really nice people.
Not that I’d know. I’ve worked with two Taiwanese people, and they were cool, however I don’t want to paint an entire culture with two Canadian-Taiwanese people who I worked with.
So Taiwan, what’s up with that? Well they are  country… and even saying that is really contentious.
So to avoid entering into a fight I can’t even begin to understand, I’ll instead talk about a Distillery in Taiwan. And by “a”, I mean “first and only”.
Located in a rural part of Taiwan, Kavalan is named for the indigenous natives who originally lived in Taiwan. This distillery started up in 2006, making it the oldest distillery on the island.
And still the only one.
Kavalan’s many awards aside, and young spirit, I’m interested in them because of the region. The climate ranges between…

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