Danfield’s Limited Edition 21

Danfield's 21 2.jpg

Thanks to /u/boyd86 for this sample, way back in June, when we were young and silly, and didn’t really understand the world.

Red Flags. Why are they called that? Well because we did something before and they happened. Which is hard.

Like, take for instance, if I walk down a street in Egypt, and I’m mugged. Should I be safer with my wallet? Maybe. Should I not go down that street? Maybe. Should I judge all Egyptians as thieves? No. However that’s a very common reaction to these types of acts.

We, as humans, are made to gather ideas, see patterns, and make snap judgments. We just need to be smarter than that.

And then Danfield’s Limited Edition 21 comes along. It’s Limited. How Limited? No idea. It’s out of market now, so… I guess there was a finite amount of it. It was $45.10 at one point, however I’ll…

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