Sheep Dip 1990 Old Hebridean

sd0h 2.jpg

Thank you to /u/Johnysteaks for a sample of this dram.

So. Sheep Dip. Sounds like either something Gary Larson drew and then moved onto Cows or something that won’t taste good.

Actually, in the past my family has been told it’s called that to tell you where the water flowed through before being used in the whisky. So again, gross.

But actually Sheep Dip is just a liquid formulation of insecticide and fungicide which shepherds and farmers use to protect sheep from infestation.

In this case though I’m not reviewing a poison, and instead it’s a vatted malt (blend with no grain element). However you’ll notice I haven’t been bolding it, and wondering if I’ve given up on that.

Well I haven’t, so shame on you for doubting me.

Actually I’m reviewing Sheep Dip 1990 Old Hebridean, which adds more layers of confusion to all of this. What does…

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