Mortlach 1988 17 Signatory Cask Strength [Feather’s Flight Review Set #14]

Mort 2.jpg

Shout out to /u/Devoz who requested I review a Mortlach, ANY Mortlach. So here’s a Cask Strength one.

Specifically Feather’s PubMalt of the Month. Well… this and Octomore 6.1. Which I own, so I went with this.

Also I don’t start with Peat. That’s just a recipe for disaster.

Like this intro where I all of a sudden say I’m doing a review series on Feathers again but let’s imagine I did it in a clear way and you know that I go there for my birthday to have whiskies.

My parents are typically late with this trip, which I prefer, as I’m not hammer for all of December (or drunker than I should be).

So I started with Mortlach 1988 17 Signatory Cask Strength. Why? Why not? I don’t really know. Maybe I didn’t feel like a Lowland. Or maybe it was requested.

Mortlach is yet another…

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