Balblair 1990 15 Dewar-Rattray [Feather’s Flight Review Set #14]

balblair 1990 4.jpg

So a guy walks into a bar. And some other people do too, but let’s just talk about this one guy. It’s a month after his birthday, however he’s enjoying it now. And he has some drinks. And the bar is called Feather’s Pub, located in Toronto, in the Beaches.

And that guy is me.

So my wife wasn’t too happy that I had picked out a Speyside ahead of her. To make it up, I let her pick my Highland this time.

It was supposed to be a surprise. Unfortunately she’s Newfie and her ability to yell is quite honed over the years. As such my piss poor attempt at closing my ears didn’t work too well.

balblair 1990 3.jpg

Oh well. It was Balblair 1990 15 Dewar-Rattray. I was quite interested in the name, Dewar-Rattray. This isn’t part of the A.D. Rattray Collection, which is the most recent part…

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