Westland American Single Malt [American Whiskey Review #100]

Westland Single Malt 2.jpg

Thanks to /u/lvl1dramacenter for this sample.

Whiskey. Single Malt. These things usually don’t go together. Because of that e which tells off the royal family, or something.

Also it takes awhile to become good at something. Bourbon (as in the style, not the collective term we use here) takes well to hotter areas, virgin oak, and aging quicker than it’s single malt frenemies from across the pond.

So when I hear of an American Single Malt, from a company that is in Washington (the state, not the capital), and from what I can tell, has had their Facebook page since before 2011 (Can’t tell how long the whiskey has been made, but that Facebook page is impressive)…. shit, lost my train of thought… Oh, I’m skeptical. That’s what I was writing. My bad.

Joking aside, this distillery looks quite interesting. Going the single malt route. And thus I’m trying their…

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