Ardbeg Perpetuum Standard & Distillery Release

Thanks to /u/methshin for the sample of the Distillery Release.

I’ve had a few of the Ardbeg Special releases now. I’ve heard tales that, long ago, they were much prized and amazing. Since then… well things may not be as good, but I’m still hopeful. I like Ardbeg, and feel that this is only a minor slump into the bog, which eventually they’ll get away from the jaws of the Alligator.

Or something. May have mixed my metaphors there. It’s confusing being me.

Ardbeg Perpetuum was released as part of Feis Ile, aka Xmas for Peat Heads. It also coincides with Ardbeg’s 200th birthday. Dr. Bill created it using young and old Ardbegs, aged in Sherry and ex-bourbon casks.

So it’s NAS, and it comes from many casks. Interesting by itself. Could just be clearing some shelves, or could it be that they’ve found the right balance of young and…

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