Seagram’s V.O.

Seagrams VO 2.jpg

Very Optimal? Probably not.

Virgin Oil? Maybe, though I think I wouldn’t have drank most of it then.

Vertically Optimal? I’m going to guess no, as it predates silly marketing speak.

Whatever the meaning of V.O. in Seagram’s V.O., the whisky itself has a long and some would say.. uh… what’s a nice word for “it happened”…. whatever…. history in Canada. It’s Canadian made. Started back in 1913 when a man named Joseph E. Seagram (the E stands for effervescent) (no it doesn’t) made a special blend for his son’s birthday.

As is Canadian tradition.

It was made by Seagram’s, a purely Canuck whisky company, blended of their finest whiskies. And I didn’t italicize that because you’re blind, if you catch my drift.

103 years later, Seagram’s V.O. is made by Diageo, as the old Seagram’s company was closed down in 1992 because of the Maple Syrup wars (or maybe…

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