Penderyn Quatro Review (Portwood, Sherrywood, Madeira, Peated)


Thanksto /u/percyhedgehog for one of these samples.

So, you may have some questions, like: Why am I reading about a world whisky? And who is the first guy in the images? Is he me? Where’s Wales? Don’t I mean Whales? No, I think I mean Wales? Why was there a question mark there?

Let me answer your questions, in order:

  1. Because I posted about it and you love it
  2. St. David is the Patron Saint of Wales, and I’m posting this today (March 1st) because it’s St. David’s day! Who’s that? Well he made a hill in Wales and had a pet dove. Also he lived to 100 years old in Wales in the 6th century, so why not make him Patron Saint of Wales
  3. I’m not him
  4. Wales is a Country within the UK located to the West of the country. It’s best known for being the butt of…

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