Boxing Hares

Boxing Hares 2.jpg

Thanks to /u/j4ni for this sample!

There’s a lot to cover so I’ll have to lay off talking about my dick or hinting at latent homosexuality this time. Sorry about that, maybe next review.

So I’m fucking this guy with my small dick…

Wait, no, I just said I wasn’t going to do that!

Alright, so there’s a lot of questions, and we have only little time to answer them. Name of the whisky? Boxing Hares. Why? Because puns.

First of all, what are boxing hares? During Spring, when Spring has sprung and that usual sense of “we need to fuck” gets into the air, Hares will box one another. It was originally thought this was due to intermale competition, so someone thought they were boxing, because Hares went made in March. Now it’s know to be the female fighting off the male to avoid copulation. And that it…

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